The Ultimate Guide to Securing Tenants for your Property Rental.

Ultimate guide to renting

Tired of losing rental income on your vacant property? There are several things that every landlord can (and should) do to make their rental more appealing to potential tenants. Here are three tips to make sure your property stands out from the competition and ensure you secure tenants quickly.

Hire a professional

Finding tenants for your rental property can be time-consuming and stressful. It’s a long and difficult task due to the steps involved. The initial stages may seem manageable but as the process progresses the need for professional services becomes more apparent. For this reason, Deed 2 Deed Real Estate’s sole duty is to secure suitable tenants and take care of all the formalities, giving you the shortest turnover time possible. We bring our knowledge, experience and clientele to your property, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is in good hands.

Make value-adding improvements

Before placing your property on the market, ensure that it is well maintained and move-in-ready. Understand that tenants are cautious when making such decisions. With a number of options available before them, potential tenants need a compelling reason to sign a lease agreement with you. Before attempting to secure a tenant, focus on repairs and improvements that will add value to your property. Make any improvements necessary to “bring your home up to standard” such as ensuring functional plumbing, electrical or even a paint job. You won’t want to risk a deal falling apart over issues that could have been avoided.

Ultimate guide to renting

Quality Photos

Generally, the first thing that catches the potential tenants’ eyes is the pictures of the unit. People are drawn towards bright, attractive, and clear images which is why having quality photos plays an important role. Put yourself in the tenant’s shoes: would you rather live in a place that looks dim or one that’s warm and inviting? The more pictures you have, the better of an idea potential-tenants will have of the home. Include pictures that do the unit justice; crisp, clean photos give potential tenants an idea of what the property can look like once it’s decorated. Remember the pictures of your property will be the starting point for potential renters, and they will likely use them to decide whether to view your unit at all.

Use these tips and bring attention to your rental listing. Soon enough, you will be in on your way to becoming a landlord!

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