How to Determine the Right Home for You.

Buying a home can be a big decision. For most, it is one of your biggest investments. Ultimately you want to make a decision that makes you feel at home.  You’ve been to viewings and you’ve talked things over with your agent.

Here’s how to determine if the property you’ve had your eye on after months or maybe years of research is the one for you.


First things first, you want to invest in life, not a house. If you choose a home that does not suit your lifestyle, it will not benefit you in the long run. Considering where you live in proximity to your job, schools, the nearest forms of public transport, the nearest grocery stores, banks and other essential places we tend to need to commute to regularly is paramount. Ask yourself how this new community ensures your safety, provides you with opportunities or suits your overall lifestyle. Do you prefer the fast-paced city life or do you want a laid back space for hiking or easy trips to the beach? Is this community prone to flooding and/or other natural disasters?

All in all, your decision on the location of your home affects long-term expenditure. Do extensive research and ask your agent as many questions as you see fit because location is key.

Features / Amenities

A place like home

Pay attention to the amenities you need and consider those that you can invest in later. If you find a property you can afford with all the finishings and furnishings you desire, make that purchase. However, for first time buyers especially, it’s always financially wiser to choose a home with the essentials that suit your style, i.e., a living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. When choosing these essentials of course you should consider the size and number of each is needed to suit your family and personality.

When you find the essentials, consider what other amenities the property you are viewing has to offer at an affordable rate. Consider things like yard space, garages, porches and balconies, pools and bonus rooms that can be easily converted into a study or a gym. When you find a home that checks all these boxes, you’ve successfully found yourself a strong contender.

Essential Boxes

Before you get too comfortable, there’s a series of tests you must complete before making your purchase.

Check the plumbing: Flush the toilets, turn on the taps, turn on the showers. Check for water colour, water damage, leaks and discolorations on your walls, ceilings, and cupboards.

Check the electrical outlets– Flip the switches, and test the power outlets. Check to see if you have enough for each room.

Be sure to check for any signs of damage or disrepair. Consider the additional expenditure needed after you purchase your home.

home inspection

Home is where the heart is

Last but not least, when you first walked into this space, ask yourself, did you feel safe and comfortable? Did you feel like you didn’t want to look at any other property? Did you ultimately feel at home?

If you’re not just looking for a financial investment but a space to call home, then listen to your gut and choose the property that checks all the right boxes for you and speaks to you.

And remember, this may not be your dream home, but it may be just the right fit for you where you are right now.

If you need help house hunting we at Deed 2 Deed Real Estate can help you find just the right home for you. To find out more about the housing choices available throughout Trinidad and Tobago, click here!

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