The process of buying a house in Trinidad and Tobago


When it comes to buying real estate in Trinidad and Tobago, the process is fairly simple.
However, for most consumers, buying a house may seem like one of the biggest challenges they will face in their lifetime. After all, there is a lot to consider and even if this is your second or third time purchasing a home, the process may have changed since your last purchase. Whether you are a first-time buyer, or perhaps this may be your second investment, take a few minutes to review this guide. You could save a lot of time, frustration and even money.

What’s your Budget?

Your first consideration when purchasing a new home is your budget. Rarely do persons ever purchase a house with cash, therefore you would need to pre-qualify for a mortgage to begin your property search. Pre-qualifying for your mortgage assists by helping to identify what you can afford to pay on a monthly basis for your new home.

Property Search.

After you’ve qualified, you would have to locate a suitable property that matches your budget. This is where we come in, our access to a database of properties, knowledge on pricing and our vast network of professionals in the industry gives you an edge. You might not be great at negotiation, this is why you’d need us as your real estate agent to work together with you to find the perfect home that matches all of your requirements. Deed 2 Deed agents are trained to negotiate the best prices for you, that fits well within your price range. But we won’t take all the fun away from you, we’d definitely keep you involved throughout the entire process.

Here are some things to consider when making your decision.

1. Is the property within your price range?
2. Proximity to schools and or hospitals if you have children.
3. Preferred number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
4. Proximity to family and friends if this is important to you.

Mortgage Application 

Once we have identified a suitable property for you, you can begin your mortgage application by submitting all the required documents and fees necessary to a mortgage financier of your choice or you can choose one that’s recommended by us.

Here are the documents that are necessary in the legal process with regard to a Mortgage Transaction:

  • Agreement for Sale
  • Title Search
  • Deed of Conveyance
  • Deed of Mortgage
  • Legal Fees: Attorney & Statutory Fees

The Offer

Now that you’ve found your perfect property, we will step in and to negotiate the best possible price for the property as we make an offer to purchase. Again, there are some legal documents that require signatures at this point. Once we’ve sorted all the legal requirements, it’s time to make your down payment! Using our network to guide and provide the best suitable avenues for you, here are some things you should follow.

  • Have an attorney-at-law look over the document before signing;
  • Ensure that the period for closing the transaction is sufficient to obtain the mortgage payment;
  • Ensure that the documents required by the mortgage institution are readily available;
  • Have a property inspection done with a qualified person to determine the structural soundness of the property.

Once you are satisfied you should sign and make a deposit. Your broker or an attorney-at.- law. can take care of this on your behalf.


Before your mortgage financier can process the mortgage, you need to produce two critical documents.

  • A value appraisal – The mortgage institution would require an independent value appraisal carried out on the property.
  • A title search – The mortgage institution would require a title search to be done on the property which ensures that the property is free of any encumbrances.


Once the above documentation are in order and everything is drawn up, the bank would finalize the legal documents of the mortgage on the property and issue a cheque to the seller or real estate agent. Lastly you must consider that there would be closing fees for the finalization of the mortgage.

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